Pour Over

Tried and true, a classic approach to brewing an exceptional cup. The pour over is wonderful method of brewing coffee at home, on the go, or in a cafe environment.

 The Coffee: Most all coffees shine when brewed via this method. With this in mind - however, the pour over is a great way to reveal eccentric nuances and subtle complexities of lighter roasted coffees. Particularly ones which are Naturally processed or "Sun Dried / unwashed". We recommend our Yemen Haraaz Red, Camilina Geisha, Kenya Small Lot or our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for this method.

The Water: Filtered water with hints of magnesium for binding dissolved solids.

The Temperature: Ideal temperature for this will depend on the coffee and the brew location altitude. For a Lighter roast try 192 degrees F to 198 degrees F.

The Grind: Medium Fine

The Ratio: 21g coffee to 12oz water or 14g coffee to 8oz water (for a single cup)

What you are looking for: The pour over offers the benefit of a clean, silt free mouth feel and a deeply nuanced character and flavor. 

The Steps: Prepare 21 grams of medium-fine (drip setting for most commercial grinders, approx. 3 scoops ie, tablespoons) ground coffee and 14oz of water. Using a non-bleached recycled filter, pre-pour water through the filter with 8 oz. boiling water - once all water has dripped from filter add ground coffee into filter. Next ensure your water is at 200 degrees Fahrenheit by letting the roll of the boil come to a level (if brewing at sea level: please allow 30 - 45 seconds for water to cool off boil to 200 degrees) then begin to pour over grounds, pour just enough to allow grounds to bloom for the first 20 seconds then maintain a steady flow of water – you are looking for a nice steady stream of coffee running out from the bottom of the pour over. If it is dripping slowly this means the coffee has been ground to fine and is caking at the bottom of the filter which will lead to over extraction. Ideally, all 14 ounces of water has been poured over the coffee and in the cup below in no more than 5 minutes.