Espresso Vesuvius

NOTE: This is a classic Dark Italian Roast.

This is our world class Roman or Southern Italian style espresso. Producing a deep, lava-like crema - Espresso Vesuvius® is bold and rich with notes of currant and exotic spice, supported by a profoundly smooth and lasting mouth feel and finish. This is the perfect espresso for cappuccinos, lattes or on it's own as a single shot. Ideal for cafes, coffee shops or the home espresso machine.

AROMA: Profound notes of black currant, sugar cane and exotic spices

FLAVOR: Dark cherry sweetness with hints of caramel and molasses

BODY & FINISH: Very deep, rich and full with a caramel-syrup-like heaviness

Getting the most from this Espresso - recommended starting point:

(Espresso): 18 grams in (dry grounds), 45 grams (extracted liquid) out, 3-5 second pre-infusion, 30 second total pull time, 198F temperature. Experiment & enjoy!