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Auromar Estates Panama Geisha: Firestone Washed BOP AUCTION 1st PLACE 2022

 -This is an extremely limited and highly prized auction coffee we are delighted to present to you. A spectacular example of the highly sought after and prized Geisha cultivar. We have a very small amount of this coffee - so don't wait to secure yours today! 

ROASTING / SHIPPING Oct 17th, 2022

Best of Panama 2022 1st Place Winner in the Washed Geisha Category! 

Receiving an averaged score of 96 points from 18 world renowned coffee experts / judges at the 26th annual Best of Panama (BOP) coffee competition. During the competition this coffee received a 97 point score from Dragonfly's founder / Director of Coffee Tamas Christman, and was his second highest scoring coffee ever! 

Auromar Estates "Firestone" Geisha Washed 

Producer: Roberto Brenes 

Origin: Volcan, Panama 

Altitude:1800-2400 Meters Above Sea Level

Cultivar(s): Geisha 

Process:Washed / Sun-Dried 


Sensory Notes: Flawlessly structured, crystalline & complete. A sparkling peach-like acidity leads with stone fruits and florals in perfect harmony. Notes of lemongrass, gardenia & jasmine take the aromatics. Giving way to chocolates, caramels & toffee in the cup. A pure and complete geisha. 97 points. 

Recommended Brewing Method: Pour Over


8oz pour - 13g Coffee: 220g (mL) water

12oz pour - 20g Coffee : 340g (mL) water 


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