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Mokkita Grand Cru 2021 Auction Lot Mojave Vault Oak Barrel Aged - 4oz WHOLE BEAN

Experimental Rare & Exotic:

Mojave Vault Barrel Aged Mokkita BOP 2021

1 x 4oz Bags Remain.


This exquisite & one of a kind coffee has been verified by WCR (World Coffee Research) to be a unique genotype of the species Coffea Arabica - currently known only to be found in the volcanic Highlands of western Panama. Mokkita a unique variation of the Mokka variety, to date has not been found anywhere else in the world. The exact etiology / origination is unknown, however it's likely a regionally adapted subtype that developed overtime in this unique cloud forest environment. This coffee was first discovered by the Garrido family in 2005 and since then they have been working to increase production and awareness of this truly novel and compelling coffee.

Achieving an averaged score of 93 points from 18 international jurors (highest ever at the time for a non-geisha) this coffee took 1st place in the "Varietals Natural" category during the 25th 2021 Edition of Best of Panama coffee competition. Subsequently commanding the highest ever auction price for a non-Geisha during the international public auction. This is an extremely rare & limited coffee. Currently grown only on one farm in the world.

Taking this pursuit of excellence one step further we held 2lbs of the auction lot for a special extended barrel aging process. Using Oak barrels from Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees we conditioned this coffee for 18 months, then sealed and stored in a climate controlled room to finish. Yielding a deeply nuanced and exciting coffee for even the most discerning coffee lover. 

Country: Panama

Region: Alto Quiel, Boquete

Process: Natural (Dried in fruit) - Anaerobic Extra Slow Dry

Roast: Medium-Light 

Sensory Notes: Oak toned & vibrantly juicy with a powerfully structured acidity. Caramelized sugars lead to hints of floral complication;  jasmine, orange blossom and creosote then supported by a deep & rich chocolate / toffee toned sweetness and elongated body and finish. Excellent | Unique | One of a kind

Recommended Brew Method: Chemex or Single Cup Pour Over 12g coffee, 8oz water, 202F. 


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